International Ecopsychology Society

International Ecopsychology Society – IES is a non-profit association that brings together professionals from different fields, committed to personal, relational and environmental awareness. In 2017 it replaced the existing European Ecopsychology Society – EES due to the need to include more non-European countries and its global expansion of its charters and activities.

The association aims to support, disseminate and promote Ecopsychology, its applications and the professional figure of "Ecotuner", a facilitator of reconnection with nature – interior and exterior – trained in Applied Ecopsychology at an IES School.

The association also aims to support and connect professionals working in Ecopsychology as well as other professional fields who want to align their work with the care of life and the world; who want to facilitate the reconnection between human beings and nature; and who have a desire to promote healthy lifestyles from a psychological, spiritual and ecological point of view towards a harmonious interaction with the natural environment.


The English page of the Italian IES School

Ecopsiché - Scuola di Ecopsicologia